The Board of Directors is determined fully to support the Group’s strategy, to work closely with automakers worldwide in their efforts to reduce C02 emissions by offering them innovative concepts, and to develop our business in Asia and emerging countries.

Board of Directors

Functioning of the Board

The Board of Directors determines the orientations of the Company’s operations and sees to their implementation. Subject to the powers expressly granted to shareholders’ meetings and within the limit of the corporate purpose, the Board of Directors is competent for handling, and deciding upon, any matters that concern it. The Board of Directors carries out any controls and audits as it may deem appropriate.


At its meeting on February 18, 2016, the Board of Directors named Jacques Aschenbroich Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Pascal Colombani Honorary Chairman.

The members of the Board of Directors are: Jacques Aschenbroich, Pascal Colombani, Georges Pauget, Daniel Camus,  Jérôme Contamine, Caroline Maury Devine, Michel de Fabiani, Mari-Noelle Jégo-Laveissière, Noëlle Lenoir, Thierry Moulonguet,  Ulrike Steinhorst and Véronique Weill.

The Board of Directors has set up three committees whose purpose is to improve its operation and assist it in the decision-making process:

  • the Audit and Risks Committee, made up of Daniel Camus, Chairman, Michel de Fabiani, Mari-Noëlle Jégo-Laveissière, Noëlle Lenoir and Thierry Moulonguet.
  • the Appointment, Compensation and Governance Committee, made up of Georges Pauget, Chairman, Pascal Colombani, Caroline Maury Devine, Michel de Fabiani and Ulrike Steinhorst.
  • the Strategy Committee, made up of Ulrike Steinhorst, Chairwoman, Pascal Colombani, Jérôme Contamine, Thierry Moulonguet, Georges Pauget and Véronique Weill.

    Transparent financial communication

    Valeo endeavors to provide regular, clear and fully transparent information to its individual and institutional shareholders, both actual and potential, as well as to financial analysts. Information is communicated through press releases and the half-yearly publication of the Group’s results.

    Operational Committee

    Valeo's Operational Committee, chaired by Jacques Aschenbroich, Group CEO, comprises 15 members including the Chief Operating Officer, the Functional Directors and the Presidents of the Business Groups and of Valeo Service. Its role is to define the Group's strategic directions, to monitor the operational management of the Business Groups, and to coordinate project implementation.

    Jacques Aschenbroich, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer
    Geoffrey Bouquot, Vice-President, Corporate Strategy and External Relations
    Fabienne de Brébisson, Vice-President, Communications
    Robert Charvier, Chief Financial Officer
    Catherine Delhaye, Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
    Xavier Dupont, President, Powertrain Systems Business Group
    Eric Antoine Fredette, General Counsel
    Bruno Guillemet, Senior Vice-President, Human Resources
    Maurizio Martinelli, President, Visibility Systems Business Group
    Axel Joachim Maschka, Senior Vice President, Sales & Business Development
    Francisco Moreno, President, Thermal Systems Business Group
    Christophe Périllat, Chief Operating Officer
    Eric Schuler, President, Valeo Service Activity
    Jean-François Tarabbia, Senior Vice President, Research & Development and Product Marketing
    Marc Vrecko, President, Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group

    Other Functional Directors
    Rodolphe Garnier, Group Internal Audit and Internal Control Director

    National Directors
    Burak Akin, Turkey
    Ashok Kumar Belani, India
    Françoise Colpron, North America
    Luis Chica Couto, Spain/Portugal
    Rebecca Cullinan, ASEAN
    David Gstalder, Poland
    Anders Karlsson, Russia
    Sung-Ho Kim, Korea
    Maurizio Martinelli, Italy
    Reginaldo Hermogenes, South America
    Edouard de Pirey, China
    Ryuji Saito, Japan
    Derrick Zechmair, Germany

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