Independent Director, Chair of the Strategy Committee, Member of the Compensation Committee and of the Governance, Appointment and Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

Ulrike Steinhorst
Ulrike Steinhorst, Independent Director, Member of the Appointment, Compensation and Governance Committee and Chairwoman of the Strategy Committee

Ulrike Steinhorst is Strategy, Planning and Finance Director at EADS Technical Corporate division.

She is also a member of the Board of Directors of Fondation Imagine and F2I (UIMM).

She started her career as a technical advisor to the French Minister for European Affairs where she was in charge of relations with Germany during the reunification. From 1990 to 1998, she worked at EDF in the International Division, as an advisor in charge of international issues then institutional issues within the General Management of the group, and finally, Head of International Subsidiaries in the Industrial Division. In 1999, she joined Degussa AG group where she was Head of Human Resources of a division, and then Vice-President, Executive Development. She later headed the subsidiary Degussa France before being responsible for the group’s representation office in Brussels. She then served as Director of the Cabinet of the Chief Executive Officer of EADS.

Ulrike Steinhorst graduated from Université Paris II - Panthéon and from École nationale d’administration.